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Giovanni Verga increased the fame of Acitrezza, when he chose the town as the setting for his novel "The House by the Medlar Tree", which tells the tale of an Acitrezza fishing family, doomed to live in extreme poverty.

Acitrezza had already been mentioned in the epic tale, the Odysseus: the giant Polifemo, blinded by Ulysses, attempted to retaliate by using the mountain tops, the Faraglioni di Acitrezza. Today Acitrezza's economy is still based on fishing, although the tourist industry is in continual expansion thanks not only to its literary fame but also to its spectacular coastline.

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Monaci delle Terre Nere is a quiet hideaway from the chaos of the modern world, a 18th century former monastery hidden in the foot... (Monaci delle Terre Nere) →

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