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Agrigento is close to the major Sicilian Cities. It is known as the Land of the Almond in Flower. Agriculture and horticulture still provide the main source of income.

Luigi Pirandello was born here. Places to see: the Valle dei Templi, Agrigento Cathedral, the Archeological Museum, the Church of St Nicola, the Monastery of St Spirito, the Church of Purgatorio, the Church of St Maris dei Greci, the Art Museum, the house where Luigi Pirandello was born known as "the Caos".

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Masseria della Volpe

Countryside Residences

Julia G.


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Tenuta Cammarana

Historical Residences

Silvia e Giuseppe Pulvirenti


Silvia e Giuseppe Pulvirenti

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Small Boutique Hotels

Daniele La Rosa


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