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Caltanisetta lies on the slopes of Mount San Giuliano, in the heart of Sicily. It is an area in which age old traditions are still observed today. There are numerous sites to visit such as Caltanissetta Cathedral, the Church of St Sebastiano, the Church of St Domenico, the Church of St Agata, Palazzo Moncada, Pietrarossa Castle, the Archeological Museum and the Mineral Museum.

Local delicacies include wild rabbit, maccheroni with sardines, mostaccioli, mustards and the DOC wine Cerasuolo di Vittoria. One can visit Gibal Gabel (Mountain of death), Mount Sabucina and Marianopoli in the vicinity of Caltanissetta.

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Masseria Susafa

Farmhouse Holidays

Tommaso Rizzuto

(Amministratore - Proprietario)

Tommaso Rizzuto

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Masseria della Volpe

Countryside Residences

Julia G.


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