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Enna is the site of the Special Nature Reserve of Lake Pergusa, which is of great environmental importance. The lake is the only natural lake in the whole of central Sicily and is rich in biodiversity.

In the town of Enna one finds a number of tourist sites of cultural interest such as the Varisano Museum, the Alessi Museum, Palazzo Pollicarini, and the town Library. There is an unusual number of churches in Enna including the Churh of St Bartolomeo, the Church of The Madonna di Valverde, the Church of Montesalco, and the Church of the Anime Sante.

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Masseria Susafa

Farmhouse Holidays

Tommaso Rizzuto

(Amministratore - Proprietario)

Tommaso Rizzuto

Thanks to its location right in the heart of Sicily, Masseria Susafa is an excellent base for a culture-rich holiday spent visiting... (Masseria Susafa) →

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