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On the slopes of Mount Caputo, in a commanding position overlooking the Conca d'Oro and the area's abundant citrus groves, Monreale is one of Sicily's principal tourist attractions. The town lies just a few kilometers away from Palermo and each year draws thousands of tourists, all eager to visit Monreale's world-famous cathedral.

The cathedral and the Benedictine convent were the principal reasons behind the expansion of the town. The façade: with trefoil portal, two lateral fortified towers and two immense bronze doors, gives just a taste of the fabulous concoction of Norman, Byzantine and Arabian elements to be found within the church walls.

The interiors are characterised by a Latin cross plan and adorned with a series of splendid gold mosaics depicting the life of Christ and the resurrection. Not to be missed, in the apse, the figure of Christ the Pantocrator. Having completed the tour of the Cathedral, visitors pass on to the cloisters, also built in the 12th century, where to be treated to a magnificent vision of some 228 ornately decorated columns, each one different from the other.

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