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The Pelagie Islands are closer to Africa than to Italy, approximately 200 kilometers from Agrigento. The name of the islands is derived from the Greek word, meaning islands in high seas. The archipelago is comprised of Lampedusa, Linosa and Lampione.

Lampedusa is the largest of the three, whilst Lampione is uninhabited, with the only manmade construction being the Lighthouse. The great tourist attraction of the Pelagie Islands is its incredibly clean waters, perfect for diving enthusiasts, who can admire close up the numerous marine species including lobsters, posiedon fish and the extremely rare Caretta caretta turtles.

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Club Levante

Seaside Residences




clublevante is the first resort created on the island overlooking the sea and located in the most spectacular & characteristic bay... (Club Levante) →

Relais Euterpini

B&B and Homes

Elia Rodo


Elia Rodo

Eight traditional Sicialian dammusi accommodations, steps from the three pools - freshwater, eco, and whirlpool - and the sea. The... (Relais Euterpini) →

Resort Acropoli

Historical Residences

Gessica Silvia

(Responsabile Ricevimento)

Gessica  Silvia

Pantelleria has its own personality and to know it we have to mix with its people, shopping at the local shops, in short, LIVING IT!... (Resort Acropoli) →

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