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Villa Boscarino


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Anime a Sud


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Tenuta Cammarana


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Hotel La Moresca

Marina di Ragusa

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Le Case di Elisa

Marina di Ragusa

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Masseria della Volpe


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La Dépendance


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Hotel Villamare

Fontane Bianche

Ragusa: introduzione

Ragusa Hotel

Ragusa is situated close to the principal cities of Sicily (Italy). The town is sited 500 meters above sea level, amongst hills. The town's name derives from Rogos, or "granary", refering to its prolific production of wheat.

Ragusa is divided into Ragusa Inferiore, known as "Ibla", and Ragusa Superiore. Among the monuments worth visiting are the Cathedral of St Giovanni Battista, the Church of St Maria delle Scale, the Church of Purgatory, and Palazzo Donnafugata, where one can see paintings assigned to Antonello da Messina.

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Hotel La Corte del Sole

4 Star Hotels

Carlo Pintaldi


Carlo Pintaldi

Antica Masseria La Corte del Sole is located in the heart of the Val di Noto, a strategic position to visit the beautiful baroque cities... (Hotel La Corte del Sole) →

Masseria della Volpe

Countryside Residences

Julia G.


The region all around Noto is a land steeped in history, culture, scenic beauty and bubbling vitality. which offers itineraries and... (Masseria della Volpe) →


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Daniele La Rosa


"You have to be smart to come to Ibla, a certain quality of mind, a taste for the silent and ardent tuffs, the dead ends, the unnecessary... (Iblaresort) →

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