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Cory Stieg Imagine asking someone you're seeing casually, "What are we?

Now imagine you're asking the same person that question on the most loaded day of the year for couples: Valentine's Day. Death trap, right?

Sure, it doesn't have to be that way, but Valentine's Day can often make it feel like the pressure's on, or at least amplify the awkwardness for people who haven't clearly defined what their relationship is — a. But, the fact that Valentine's Day is Normal guy wanting a sex partner a calendar holiday is no reason to speed anything up, or put extra pressure on yourself or your relationship, no matter what stage you and your partner are in, she says.

And more importantly, you don't need to pretend like you're living in a bunker and are completely oblivious to the passage of time like some overly chill "cool girl" — you know what day it is. On that note, you're not a monster for wanting to make plans on Valentine's Day with your half-relationship partner.

You have every right to express that, and you shouldn't freak out about scaring away your partner, says Gabrielle Appleburya sex and marriage therapist in Orange County, CA.

But how exactly should you go about sharing those expectations? Luckily, Applebury Northwood IA adult personals it's not that difficult, after all.

If the person you're asking to make plans with says they don't want to hang out on Valentine's Day and shuts down plans entirely as opposed to just explaining that they are busy, which happensit could be a peek into what your relationship would look like if you were to pursue it on a deeper level.

Another way to think Hot wife looking sex Trafford it is that a loving partner would want to do something to make you happy if they canand if that means doing something for Valentine's Day, then that's cool by them, Burns says.

But remember that transitioning into monogamy or some other form of LTR and having the define-the-relationship talk isn't contingent on your plans for February 14th. If that person generally puts in a little effort — like, when you make plans together, you're not left guessing Married wife looking real sex Wenatchee or not they'll actually happen — then you have reason to believe that that person would also make and keep plans on Valentine's Day.

Burns says that you could try to explain to the person you're seeing that Valentine's Day was always a thing for your family, so you want to continue the tradition.

Moral of the story: communication is key, no matter how awkward Valentine's Day is for you.